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basdon.net aviation server alpha

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basdon.net aviation server is a server for San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP), a multiplayer modification for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The main activity is to grab a plane or helicopter and enjoy flying around, either freely or by accepting missions towards various destinations. Start your flight and have fun!


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#2423 May 09:28CrystalDodoCALILSIF5675mFinished
#2323 May 08:21JacobHydraBASESFCA2393mFinished
#2223 May 08:20JacobHydraSFCABASE2255mFinished
#2123 May 08:19JacobHydraBASESFCA2441mFinished
#2023 May 08:18JacobHydraSFCABASE2291mFinished
#1923 May 08:17JacobHydraBASESFCA2158mFinished
#1823 May 08:17JacobHydraSFCABASE2152mFinished

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Members: 10 • Guest sessions: 2 • Latest: Crystal
Combined online time: 5h • Combined flight time: 0h • Combined distance flown: 113.3km
Total flights: 24 • Total cash: $4,790

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