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basdon.net aviation server beta

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IP: basdon.net:7777 (How to join)

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basdon.net aviation server is a server for San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP)globe icon, a multiplayer modification for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreasglobe icon. The main activity is to grab a plane or helicopter and enjoy flying around, either freely or by accepting missions towards various destinations. Start your flight and have fun!

Server Info

Join by adding basdon.net:7777 to your list of servers and clicking 'connect' (How to join). Our server is running using the latest official release: 0.3.7.

Our IRC channels are #basdon (for general talk) and #basdon.echo (with relayed server chat) on the irc.tl network: chat.irc.tlglobe icon. Chatlogs can be found at https://static.basdon.net/chatlogs.

We also have a Discord server, invite link: https://discordapp.com/invite/w4jFpqdglobe icon.



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dipa (3722) JosueTanker (775) TH_GT2250 (50) Pikcuboy (153) Suckbans_ (24)

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Last 10 finished flights

#25236 Mar 08:01Suckbans_ShamalCATAOCTA51705mFinished
#25216 Mar 07:44Suckbans_ShamalSALSCATA37267mFinished
#25206 Mar 07:45PikcuboyShamalSALSCATA39096mFinished
#25196 Mar 07:19dipaAT-400OCTAIGZU30765mFinished
#25186 Mar 07:08JosueTankerShamalSALVOCTA15730mFinished
#25176 Mar 07:05dipaAT-400SALSOCTA20981mFinished
#25156 Mar 06:43JosueTankerBeagleSALVIGZU31391mFinished

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Members: 134 • Guest sessions: 173 • Latest: Suckbans_
Combined online time: 564h • Combined flight time: 334h • Combined distance flown: 54667.9km
Total flights: 2524 • Total cash: $56,676,332

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