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Verdant Meadows

Verdant Meadows Airfield
Airport Code: SAVM
Mission points0
Service points0
Vehicle spawns0

Verdant Meadows, also known as Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard, is an abandoned airfield located in the desert of Bone County. It is very close to Area 69. There are many old, crashed planes and parts laying around close to the runway. There is a small ATC building near the eastern end of the runway.

Despite having a long and wide runway (the widest of all mainland airports!), landing a big plane can be difficult as there are hangars at both sides, potentially forming obstructions for an aircraft's wings.

Being abandoned, there are no service points to be found. The runway also doesn't have any navigational aids, however, there is a working beacon present.

Aerodrome Chart

SAVM aerodrome chart

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