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San Fierro Carrier

San Fierro Carrier
Airport Code: SFCA
Mission points2
Service points0
Vehicle spawns3
X: -1336Y: 494Z: 61

San Fierro Carrier is the 'airport' name of the naval amphibious assault ship docked in the Easter Basin Naval Station of San Fierro. The ship is not actually an aircraft carrier, but the locals name it as such since it can accommodate a small number of Hydras and Cargobobs.

Aside from the flight deck at the surface, there are two more decks inside. Each of those decks provide storage area and house military hardware. The lower deck provides access to open waters through the back gate of the carrier. There is some space to dock a few small boats.

Two aircraft lifts are present, one at the back and one at the side near the back. They connect the flight deck and the middle deck, so that aircrafts can be stored in the middle deck.

There are also two inactive SAM sites.

Vehicle spawns

Service points

The ship has no service points. Aircrafts in need for repair usually go to Area 69, but there are also some service points at San Fierro Airport for very urgent situations.

Aerodrome Chart

SFCA aerodrome chart

Mission points

NameAvailable mission types

Latest flights

Last 5 inbound flights

Flight #873522 Apr 00:08HydraBNSAM1
Flight #86429 Apr 01:40CargobobBASEMH1
Flight #86347 Apr 21:01RustlerBASEM1
Flight #86326 Apr 20:57RustlerBASEM1
Flight #844514 Mar 10:31HydraBASEM1

Last 5 outbound flights

Flight #875524 Apr 23:11CargobobMH1BASE
Flight #86357 Apr 21:02RustlerM1BASE
Flight #86336 Apr 20:57RustlerM1BASE
Flight #85792 Apr 01:14CargobobMH1BNSA
Flight #845616 Mar 11:07HydraM1BASE

Miscellaneous stats

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