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Caligula's Palace

Caligula's Palace
Airport Code: CALI
Mission points1
Service points0
Vehicle spawns0
X: 2239Y: 1562Z: 70

Caligula's Palace Airport is a small runway on top of one of the buildings of the Caligula's Palace Casino, now connecting high-profile businessmen and women with their gambling addiction faster than ever.

Dodo aircrafts can land here without much difficulties, but the San Andreas Aviation Authority has disallowed Shamal aircrafts to operate at CALI. While it is possible to land and take-off, they believe the limited space makes it too risky to taxi using this aircraft type.

Some months after the initial opening of the airport, a heli pad marking was added and the SAAA approved helicopter traffic. Now businessmen and businesswoman with a too big ego to sit in a Dodo can come through here with their helicopters.

Vehicle spawns


Service points

Since CALI is just a runway on top of a building, there are no service points available. The closest one is probably to be found at Las Venturas Airport.

Aerodrome Chart

CALI aerodrome chart

Mission points

NameAvailable mission types
gate 1

Latest flights

Last 5 inbound flights

Flight #48674 Dec 02:47DodoSALVgate 1
Flight #48111 Dec 23:35DodoWMREgate 1
Flight #45906 Nov 03:57DodoSALSgate 1
Flight #448229 Oct 00:46News ChopperSASFgate 1
Flight #434922 Oct 14:35DodoSALVgate 1

Last 5 outbound flights

Flight #48121 Dec 23:36Dodogate 1PINE
Flight #435022 Oct 14:35Dodogate 1PINE
Flight #433519 Oct 15:56Dodogate 1CATA
Flight #41267 Oct 14:32Dodogate 1PINE
Flight #399525 Aug 17:10Dodogate 1PINE

Miscellaneous stats

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