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ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)

The Automatic Direction Finder, or ADF, helps finding the direction towards a specific beacon. It tells the direction between the beacon and the aircraft, the difference in altitude and the difference in current aircraft course and course towards the beacon. For a list of beacons, see List of beacons.


/adf <beacon>


/adf salv
/adf SALS

Beacons and specifiers can be in uppercase or lowercase or even mixed.

<beacon> is the code of the NDB beacon to use. See List of beacons for a list of all the available beacons. When ingame, the /nearest and /beacons commands can be used.

To disable the navigation, simply type /adf again.


When ADF is engaged, values will be shown in the navigation top part of the panel.

a wide box with lots of numbers indicating speed, altitude, heading, vertical air speed, navigation stuff

The aircraft panel with ADF navigation engaged

Indicators and their meanings:

Horizontal distance between the aircraft and the beacon.
Difference in altitude. A positive number indicates the aircraft is at a higher altitude than the beacon, a negative number indicated the opposite.
Difference in the aircraft's course and the course towards the beacon. If this is 0, it means the aircraft is going directly towards the beacon.

CRS examples

In the first image, the aircraft has a heading of 03 or 30°. The course towards the beacon is 09, or 90°. In this case, the CRS indicator will show a value of 60.

In the second image, the aircraft still has a heading of 03, or 30°. This time the course towards the beacon is 33, or 330°. Here, the CRS indicator will show -60.

a compass, heading 03 on top, with a SALV beacon to thetop-right

CRS example 1

a compass, heading 03 on top, with a SALV beacon to thetop-left

CRS example 2
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