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Las Venturas Airport

Las Venturas Airport
Airport Code: SALV
Mission points11
Service points1
Vehicle spawns14

Las Venturas Airport is an airport in the middle of Las Venturas, only a few minutes away from The Strip. The airport is surrounded by the Blackfield Stadium to the west, Redsands West to the north, the Harry Gold Parkway highway and The Strip to the east and the LVA Freight Depot to the south.

If you're flying through LVA, try to get a night flight. All the glitter and neon of Las Venturas makes lading or taking off there an amazing experience.

Vehicle spawns

Service points

There is one service point at Las Venturas Airport, located in the north part.

LVA service point

The sole LVA service point

Miscellaneous stats

Latest flights

Last 5 inbound flights

Flight #1497 Aug 14:37AT-400SASFgate 2
Flight #1476 Aug 18:10AT-400SALSgate 1
Flight #1456 Aug 17:55AT-400SASFgate 3
Flight #1405 Aug 21:51AT-400SALSgate 1
Flight #13731 Jul 03:32AT-400SALSgate 4

Last 5 outbound flights

Flight #1507 Aug 14:38AT-400gate 2SALS
Flight #1487 Aug 14:24AT-400gate 2SASF
Flight #1466 Aug 17:55AT-400gate 3SALS
Flight #1426 Aug 17:25AT-400gate 2SASF
Flight #1415 Aug 21:51AT-400gate 1SALS

Aerodrome Chart

SALV aerodrome chart

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