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This is the place where bugs and todo's are tracked. Currently this tracks 68 tickets, whereof 25 unresolved.

Everyone can make a bug report: report a bug. TODO To make a suggestion, head over to the message board.

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Last updateImpactStatusSummary
6 days agomajoracknowledgedILS still doesn't work
6 days agounratedacknowledgedadd heli mission point to CALI
11 days agounratedacknowledged/tp menu to all locations, but only those that are discovered?
12 days agounratedacknowledged/info /help
12 days agounratedacknowledgedcommand list command
12 days agounratedacknowledgedchangepassword hangs when giving incorrect current password
13 days agounratedacknowledgedcollect vspeed in fdr?
15 days agounratedacknowledgedadd minimum score requirement to army classes (and rescue?)
18 days agounratedacknowledgedweb: add border radius to flight state on flight details page
12 days agounratedacknowledgedweb: admin panel: only show offline time in bold when over 90 seconds
30 days agounratedacknowledgedweb: article breadcrumbs should show if current page is a category
33 days agomajoracknowledgedweb: deal with arrays in get/post params
33 days agounratedacknowledgedweb: use colorful tables everywhere
33 days agounratedacknowledgedweb login: change user not found error to invalid credentials?
33 days agounratedacknowledgedlist all server sessions in admin panel?
53 days agounratedacknowledgedmake service point map objects for SFA/LVA
53 days agounratedacknowledgedmake public vehicles on SFA/LVA
53 days agounratedacknowledgednon-airvehicle speedometer
14 days agounratedacknowledgedweb: highlight username input on login page
54 days agomajoracknowledgeddistance flown is less than sum of mission distances
30 days agomajoracknowledgedmake airport.php (at least a placeholder)
53 days agounratedacknowledgedredesign LSA
57 days agotrivialacknowledgedweb error documents
57 days agominoracknowledgedmore tolerant passenger satisfaction rating for low-score players
57 days agominoracknowledgedpanel heading and CRS sometimes show -2147483648
6 days agounratedclosedstore first usage of gpci as well?
9 days agounratedresolvedsend help messages when low-score players spawn
6 days agounratedresolvedrefuel/repair: store both driver of vehicle and invoker of command
9 days agounratedresolvedsanitize dialog inputtext to remove newlines and %
27 days agocriticalclosedfilter \r\n in echo packets
23 days agounratedresolvedweb: automated tracker comments should be distinguished (bgcol?)
23 days agotweakresolvedweb: use #99f for blue table colors
6 days agomajorresolvedVOR/ILS don't work
23 days agounratedresolvedmigrate Anna to new irc network
33 days agounratedresolvedecho also print ticket summary to irc when it's updated
33 days agounratedresolvedadmin cmd to add vehicles
33 days agounratedresolvedweb: add warning when server uptime reaches > 20 days
32 days agominorresolvednewly registered players don't get starting money
53 days agounratedresolvedservice point map icon sometimes creates a marker
9 days agomajorresolvedpilot kneeboard
14 days agounratedresolvedadd echo channel and chatlogs url to irc info on contact page
33 days agounratedresolvedfix ILS
53 days agounratedresolved/spray with carcols random colors
54 days agounratedresolved/spray does not work
54 days agounratedresolveddon't recreate vehicles
54 days agounratedresolved/park always put vehicle on heading 0
54 days agounratedresolvedabort mission when missionvehicle respawns
54 days agounratedresolvedput objective on mission vehicle when exiting
55 days agounratedresolvedscore calculations should only use play time that is not flight time
55 days agomajorresolvedsetup backups
33 days agounratedresolvedimplicit declaration of usleep
55 days agotrivialresolvedflight time / distance flown does not update until player logs out
56 days agotrivialresolvedonly echo users that are +v or higher
57 days agominorresolvedingame clock goes to 24:59
57 days agotrivialresolvedredirect to trac thread with comment fraction when posting a comment
57 days agotweakresolvedadd timestamp to new failed logins link
57 days agominorresolvedprevent double-post trac comments
57 days agominorresolvedphp errs on non-existing article page
57 days agounratedresolvedescape control codes (color) on receiving trac msgs
58 days agounratedclosedshe's ontoPRIVMSG #anna :something
58 days agounratedclosedanother test��aaaaaaaaabcPRIVMSG #anna :ttt
58 days agounratedclosedbring some 9color into your life
33 days agounratedclosedtest <a>test</a>
57 days agotrivialclosedmake a github release with dependant binaries
57 days agotrivialresolvedC89 compat
57 days agominorresolvedflighttracker data does not load on flight overview page
57 days agocriticalresolvedpassenger satisfaction instantly drops to 0
57 days agomajorresolvedincoming echo socket doesn't work

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