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This is the place where bugs and todo's are tracked. Currently this tracks 183 tickets, whereof 61 unresolved.

Everyone can make a bug report: report a bug. TODO To make a suggestion, head over to the message board.

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Last updateImpactStatusSummary
todayunratedacknowledgedweb stats: count each flight status type (# flights crashed etc)
todayunratedacknowledgedadd airplane labels (like fs2004)
todayunratedacknowledgedalso send global messages to echo
5 days agounratedacknowledgedshort-correctness for playerid/vehicleid
6 days agounratedacknowledgedecho command to check players
6 days agounratedacknowledgedembed simplesocket
6 days agotweakacknowledgeddon't automatically respawn empty vehicles that are used in a mission
6 days agotrivialacknowledgeddon't stream out mission vehicle for player
2 months agounratedacknowledgedteleporting from island to island can cause a too big ackshole
3 months agounratedacknowledgedadd link to fight when sending flight finish message to IRC
4 months agounratedacknowledgedanna-mod: notify user when they get +v after warning their msg won't be relayed?
5 months agounratedacknowledgedmake loading map when teleporting smarter
5 months agounratedacknowledgedadd skimmer mission points
yesterdayunratedacknowledgedreadd vehicle fl/odo/hp
5 months agounratedacknowledgedarticle hud see also navigation stuff
3 months agounratedfeedbackTurn off the aircraft engine to disembark passengers and cargo.
5 months agounratedacknowledgedalternative panel
5 months agounratedacknowledgedcustomizable panel update rate
4 months agomajoracknowledgedcheck mapsystem streaming
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: add guest account indicator on guest account profile pages
5 months agounratedacknowledgedformation system
5 months agounratedacknowledgedShamal might need more fuel
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: make h1 a link to home
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: flight map: show start & end point more clearly?
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: cookie always expires at the end of the session?
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: cookie path bleeds through to all subdomains
5 months agounratedacknowledged/afk /afklist auto-afk
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: show number of flights in last 24/48h somewhere
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: members page
5 months agounratedacknowledgedability to hide all textdraws
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: show 'registered users in last 48h' on homepage?
5 months agounratedacknowledgedrecheck runway coordinates
5 months agounratedacknowledgedoffset spawn coordinates
5 months agounratedacknowledgedreroute query handling and stress test query packets
5 months agounratedacknowledgedfdr: track landing gear status?
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: put counter next to 'online now' and 'online last 48h'
5 months agounratedacknowledgedadd 'quick tour' or 'server overview' on website
5 months agounratedacknowledgedweb: add satisfaction in flight list?
15 days agounratedacknowledgedsend broadcast messages to irc as well
5 months agounratedacknowledgeddon't trigger ac when player reponds with weird text on list dialog
5 months agounratedacknowledgedon timeout, record location, streamed maps, last command?
5 months agounratedacknowledgedmonitoring systems
5 months agounratedacknowledgedrandomize license plates
7 months agounratedacknowledgedvehicle naming
8 months agounratedacknowledgedarticles: add accepted types of missions on airports pages
8 months agounratedacknowledgedarticles: passenger satisfaction and missions
8 months agounratedacknowledgedarticles: quickstart artice for newcomers
8 months agounratedacknowledgedtransport stuff in andromada (only one special andromada)
8 months agotrivialacknowledgedweb: show some lines of chat on the homepage?
8 months agominoracknowledgedweb: mission locations overview page
9 months agounratedfeedbackchallenges to fly inverted...
9 months agounratedfeedbackairline ideas
8 months agounratedacknowledged/tp menu to all locations, but only those that are discovered?
11 months agounratedacknowledged/info /help
11 months agounratedacknowledgedcommand list command
11 months agounratedacknowledgedadd minimum score requirement to army classes (and rescue?)
1 year agomajoracknowledgedweb: deal with arrays in get/post params
1 year agounratedacknowledgedlist all server sessions in admin panel?
1 year, 1 month agomajoracknowledgeddistance flown is less than sum of mission distances
1 year, 1 month agotrivialacknowledgedweb error documents
todayunratedresolvedpanel nightcolors sometimes don't (dis)engage
todayunratedresolvedpanel sometimes doesn't hide
todayunratedresolvedconvert vehicle speedo textdraw
todayunratedresolvedcheck PutPlayerInVehicle
todayunratedresolveddon't propagate firing of camera/nv/ir
5 days agominorcloseddon't assign vehicle in PutPlayerInvehicle
6 days agominorresolvedmap: lower octa/sasf runway lights
8 days agounratedresolvedweb: replace all bright red error message with less bright
20 days agotrivialresolvedcata lost map object
3 months agounratedclosedTrimming system
todayunratedresolvedAdd a passenger feauture to a 1 seated plane
7 days agounratedresolvedflightmap: 'NaN undefined' in events
4 months agocriticalresolvedpanel_shown is not reset for the right user
4 months agounratedresolvedmission map
4 months agounratedresolvedpanel lights (nighttime panel color)
3 months agounratedresolvedarticles: beaconlist: column highlight should be on 'code', not 'end 1/2'
4 months agominorresolvedalign all airport's mission points (height too)
4 months agounratedresolvedlsa taxi bollard lights can collide with vehicles
4 months agounratedresolvedremove death messages
20 days agocriticalresolvedstats can get reset
4 months agounratedresolved/loc always shows own player location
5 months agounratedresolvedweb: make player graph 978px wide
5 months agounratedresolvedweb: add link to discord/irc/chatlogs on homepage?
2 months agounratedclosedadd Lima island
20 days agounratedresolvedweb: show pitch & roll in flight map
6 days agounratedresolvedvehicle objective should be disabled when doing /s
5 months agounratedresolvedmove down octa runway lights
todayunratedresolveddon't sync hydra rockets/rustler/hunter/seasparrow gun unless /dogfight enabled?
4 months agounratedresolvedinvestigate map streaming activity during spawn
7 days agounratedclosedclean up code
5 months agounratedresolvedcleanup maps table
5 months agounratedresolvedadd minimap gang zones from map files
5 months agounratedresolvedupdate maploader for new map format
5 months agounratedresolvedzone doesn't hide in some cases
5 months agounratedresolvedadd removed objects from objects.c to their respective map files
4 months agounratedresolveddoublecheck that both FLOAT_PINF and FLOAT_NINF work
20 days agounratedresolvedrequire keypress when in checkpoint before loading
5 months agounratedresolvedstream maps out first before streaming others in
5 months agounratedresolvedarticles main page navigation block links aren't properly closed
5 months agounratedresolvedplayer graph is not scaled

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