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Textdraw file format

This is the specification of the .text file format used to store/load textdraws.

byte 0-3: spec version

The rest is dependent on the spec version:

Version 0x01545854 (version 1)

> repeated x times
byte 0-49: arbitrary name of the textdraw
byte 40: flags
         0x01 box
         0x02 left aligned
         0x04 right aligned
         0x08 center aligned
         0x10 proportional font
byte 41-44: letter size x (FLOAT)
byte 45-48: letter size y (FLOAT)
byte 49-52: font color ABGR (DWORD)
byte 53-56: box x (FLOAT)
byte 37-60: box y (FLOAT)
byte 61-64: box color ABGR (DWORD)
byte 65: shadow size
byte 66: outline size
byte 67-70: shadow/outline color ABGR (DWORD)
byte 71: font
byte 72: selectable
byte 73-76: x (FLOAT)
byte 77-80: y (FLOAT)
byte 81-82: preview model (SHORT)
byte 83-86: preview rotation x (FLOAT)
byte 87-90: preview rotation y (FLOAT)
byte 91-94: preview rotation z (FLOAT)
byte 95-98: preview zoom (FLOAT)
byte 99-100: preview color 1 (SHORT)
byte 101-102: preview color 2 (SHORT)
byte 103-104: text length, without zero terminator (SHORT)
byte 105-904: text
size 905 bytes
Category: File formats
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