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Flighttracker is a service that collects flight mission data and writes it to Flight files. This service is implemented as an Anna^globe icon mod.

Flighttracker listens on port 7766.

Packet spec

byte 0: F
byte 1: L
byte 2: Y
byte 3: packet type

Packet type 1: new mission

Sent when a new mission started.

byte 4-7: mission id (DWORD)
byte 8-9: flags (WORD)
= length 10

See Flight file format for flag values.

Packet type 2: mission flight data

Sent about every second during a mission. When the player goes afk, a packet is sent with the afk flag, and then no more packets are sent until the player is back from afk.

byte 4-7: mission id (DWORD)
byte 8: flags (BYTE) (see below)
byte 9: passenger satisfaction% [0-100] (BYTE)
byte 10-11: aircraft speed, knots (WORD)
byte 12-13: aircraft altitude (WORD)
byte 14-15: health (WORD)
byte 16-19: fuel level% [0-1] (FLOAT)
byte 20-23: x pos (FLOAT)
byte 24-27: y pos (FLOAT)
byte 28-29: bank in degrees * 10 (WORD)
byte 30-31: pitch in degrees * 10 (WORD)
= length 32

Flags (right to left):

bit 1: is player paused
bit 2: is engine on
bit 3: is first packet since flight was paused

Packet type 3: mission end

Sent when the mission ends or pauses.

byte 4-7: mission id (DWORD)
= length 8

Packet type 4: server started

Sent when the server boots, used to close any leftover over missions.

= length 4

Packet type 5: mission end

Sent when the server closes, used to close all active missions.

= length 4

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