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Recent weather

Clear12 minutes ago12 minutes and counting
Overcast26 minutes ago14 minutes
Light clouds40 minutes ago14 minutes
Clear54 minutes ago14 minutes
Sandstorms1 hour ago16 minutes
Light clouds1 hour ago14 minutes
Light clouds1 hour ago15 minutes
Thunderstorms1 hour ago14 minutes
Light clouds2 hours ago14 minutes
Light clouds2 hours ago14 minutes
Sandstorms3 hours ago14 minutes
Thunderstorms3 hours ago16 minutes
Thick fog3 hours ago14 minutes
Overcast3 hours ago15 minutes
Light clouds4 hours ago15 minutes
Overcast4 hours ago16 minutes
Light clouds4 hours ago16 minutes
Light clouds4 hours ago16 minutes
Light clouds5 hours ago14 minutes
Light clouds5 hours ago16 minutes
Overcast5 hours ago14 minutes
Thick fog5 hours ago16 minutes
Overcast6 hours ago14 minutes
Clear6 hours ago14 minutes

All time stats

Weather categoryPercentage
Light clouds26.47%
Thick fog2.89%
SF Rainy8.83%
LA Cloudy8.71%
SF Cloudy6.05%
LA Extra Sunny5.93%
SF Sunny5.92%
LA Sunny5.91%
LV Cloudy5.89%
CS Rainy5.89%
LV Extra Sunny5.88%
CS Cloudy5.87%
SF Extra Sunny5.8%
LV Sunny5.68%
DE Sunny3.03%
DE Extra Sunny3.03%
CS Sunny3.03%
DE Sandstorm2.96%
CS Extra Sunny2.93%
LA Sunny Smog2.9%
SF Foggy2.89%
LA Extra Sunny Smog2.86%