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basdon.net aviation server alpha

IP: basdon.net:7777 (How to join)

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Discord is a proprietary, freeware IM/VoIP platform. Invitation link to basdon's official discord "server": https://discordapp.com/invite/w4jFpqd. If you need to contact the owner directly, send a message to robin_be#2125.


Internet Relay Chat is a protocol for textual communications. Basdon has its main channel #basdon on our friend network irc.exp-gaming.net. New to IRC? List of IRC clients. Administrator users can be recognized by symbols @, %, & and ~. IRC has no offline messaging. If you want to verify you're actually talking to the owner, their /whois should say robin@cyber.space, be identified by NickServ, and be an IRCop.


If none of the above works for you, nobody is available, you want to make sure your message ends up with the owner, or you simply want to make sure that someone reads your message (eventually), you can also send an e-mail to: robin@basdon.net.